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Fine Faceted Burmese Red Spinel

SKU: OCG0236 | 7559 Total Views

Gem Certificate

  US $8,540 
1 pcs
Classification   Natural Spinel

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Cushion

Approx. Weight  2.99 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 9.40 x 7.28 x 5.25 mm

Price per Unit US $ 2,856.19 per Carat

Depth Percentage 72.12%

Color Orangy Red

Cutting Style  Faceted

Origin  Myanmar (Burma)

Star Rating
Excellent Very good Good Good-Fair
to to

Symmetry Fair

Owner's Description  

Super color! "Ah mah yay" or "color of hard water" in Burmese, used for spinels or softer stones which resembles the color of rubies. Well cut and proportioned, bright and full of luster, this red beauty is a truly amazing piece. A moderate to large "frozen ice-like" inclusion lies below the table though not very obvious to the eye gives the gem its individuality. Red spinels remain to be underpriced and are becoming scarcer by the day. This one is for someone special! 

สปิเนลดีแดงสวยมาก เจียระไนดีได้สัดส่วน มีสมมาตรที่ดีสวย ได้รับการขัดเงามาอย่างดี ไฟดีมาก เหมาะมอบให้แก่คนพิเศษ



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