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Gemwow E-Dollars

Posted : 23 Sep 2020 , Category : News

What are Gemwow E-Dollars?
Gemwow E-Dollars are "token points" for the exchange of products and services on the Gemwow's platform.
How does one obtain Gemwow E-Dollars?
Gemwow E-Dollars are issued by Gemwow's Financial Administrator to recipients who qualify and choose to participate as Gemwow members, buyers and or sellers. From time to time, Gemwow will organize promotions and the participating persons will be entitled to receive the Gemwow E-Dollars.
What is the value of a Gemwow E-Dollars?
The "value" of the Gemwow E-Dollars is dependant upon its users. Generally speaking, it is "valued" equivalent to US dollars. For example, one Gemwow E-Dollar is "equal" to one US Dollar. 
However, please note that the Gemwow E-Dollar is not a "currency" and is not exchangeable for cash and has a time validity of 12 months from the date of issue indicated on each "E-Dollar".
Where can one use the Gemwow E-Dollars?
The Gemwow E-Dollars can only be used online at Gemwow.com and at participating member stores indicated with an ORANGE dot on the right corner of each product page. 
Can the Gemwow E-Dollars be transferred to another member?
Can the Gemwow E-Dollars be applied to shipping charges on Gemwow.com?

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