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Shipping : We ship worldwide.

For the shipping, we have several options that you can choose from as shown in the table.

We propose: FedEx Express and Air mail.

      We recommend FedEx Express (1- 3 days delivery door-to-door service worldwide) but Air mail is much cheaper. Items purchased will be packed in a small box and placed inside an envelope (envelopes are used to save the shipping cost). The packing cost by FedEx Global Express is approximately $18.00 per shipment within 500 grams; please refer to the shipping table.

      We also provide gift-wrapping service, for a special person or occasion. If you prefer other shipping options or carriers, please let us know and we can arrange it for you. We are flexible about shipping options.

Approximate weight

     Every item is weighted by high accuracy digital scale and we try to be as accurate as possible. However, please note that at times only an approximate weight or range of weight is given. This will be the case when dealing with lots or with or stones where there are similar specimens of each kind. "Similar" does not mean identical. We'll try our best to meet your weight specifications, but please realize that sometimes a shipped stone or lot of stones may be slightly more or less than specified.

Return and refund

      Satisfaction is our guarantee. We want you to be satisfied with what you have ordered, and if there is any item that does not please you, you may return it in original, unchanged condition within 14 days (started from date of purchased) for a full refund minus shipping/handling, transaction bank fee, insurance, and tax or duty fee. Also when you would like to return an item, please ask us for the return authorize code first. Make sure you send the item by registered or insured mail. For all returned items, the customer takes responsibility of all shipping costs, included tax, duty fee, and any transaction fees that occur. As there is a high duty imposed by Thai customs which in a very few cases you may be billed. Gemwow will not take responsibility loss or breakage of the item after it is shipped out from Gemwow. Gemwow has no restock fee or labor fee or any hidden fees for returned items, customers only pay actual shipping/insurance and duty costs.

Shipping Method:     FedEx Envelope    |       FedEx Box    |       AirMail   

Country Zone :
350010.5570.588.597.597.5118.5141147 163.5180183193.5222181.5312
10500 141199.5208.5189246316.5313.5330337.5390403.5468522402672
11000 144205.5214.5195255328.5324340.5351403.5417480538.5411693
11500 147211.5220.5201264340.5334.5351363417429492556.5421.5712.5
12000 150219228207273352.5345361.5375429442.5504573430.5733.5
12500 153225234213283.5366355.5370.5387442.5456516589.5441754.5
13000 156231240219292.5378366381400.5456468526.5606450775.5
13500 160.5238.5247.5225301.5390376.5391.5412.5468481.5538.5624460.5796.5
14000 163.5244.5253.5229.5310.5402385.5402424.5481.5495550.5640.5469.5817.5
14500 166.5250.5259.5235.5319.5415.5396412.5436.5495507562.5657480838.5
15000 169.5258267241.5328.5427.5406.5423448.5507520.5574.5673.5489858
15500 172.5264273247.5337.5439.5417433.5462520.5534585691.5499.5879
16000 175.5270279253.5346.5451.5427.5444474534546597708508.5900
16500 180277.5286.5259.5355.5463.5438454.5486546559.5609724.5519921
17000 183283.5292.5265.5364.5477448.5465498559.5573621741528942
17500 186289.5298.5271.5373.5489459475.5511.5573585633759538.5963
18000 189297306277.5382.5501469.5486523.5585598.5643.5775.5547.5984
18500 192303312283.5391.5513480496.5535.5598.5612655.57925581005
19000 195309318288400.5526.5490.5507547.5612624667.58105671024.5
19500 199.5316.5325.5294409.5538.5501517.5561624637.5679.5826.5577.51045.5
20000 202.5322.5331.5300420550.5511.5526.5573637.5651691.5843586.51066.5

Shipping F.A.Q

  • All items use the FedEx Global Express, which will deliver to your door within 2-3 working days .
  • For small pieces, Gemwow recommends the use of FedEx (envelope).
  • Also you can put as many items as you want in one package until the weight reaches 500 grams or next higher step of shipping weight (1000 grams) will apply. Shipping weight includes the weight of the envelope or box and packing material.
  • We always pack you items in a small jewelry box, and put your valued items in an envelope (for FedEx) .
  • All packaging material we use is the best packaging material for gemstones.
  • All items from Gemwow are insured by FedEx (maximum $500.00) with NO additional cost.
  • Customer takes responsibility for all cost that occurs such as Duty Fee or Tax or Tariff.

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