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JTC Network Card

Posted : 17 Sep 2020 , Category : News

The JTC Network Card
The JTC Network Card has been created to build a community of gemstones enthusiasts and stakeholders. The Network Card brings people of similar interests together where they share information, market news and trends, activities and events based on the understanding that together we are stronger and by sharing our resources everyone benefits.
The JTC Network Card will be launched officially in October 2020 comprising of 20 individuals as the core group with plans to grow gradually.  The JTC Network management team is committed to ensuring that benefits, privileges, savings and opportunities are given to each member in an organized transparent, methodical and efficient manner.
How does the JTC Network Card work?
A candidate is chosen based on his or her interests, ability and commitment to grow his network.
Each candidate is by invitation only and is given the title of an "agent". The new JTC Network "agent" will then be given a "e-promo" code on his or her given e-name card. The "promo" entitles those who use it and is granted a special price, bonus gift and a lucky draw with any purchase baht 5,000 and above.
A Network Card holder will receive a fee of baht 5 for each person he or she introduces (name, gender, email and cell phone) to the Network. The introduction fees are paid every 7th day of the month directly into the accounts of the agent. .
When the introduced person purchase any items online from any participating vendor, the agent will receive a 5% commission. The agent will be notified in real time on his cell phone and will know what items was purchased by whom. The commissions are paid the following 7th day of the month or 21 days after the return merchandise date has expired.
What is the agent expected to do?
The agent is expected to promote all participating online vendors (with a  green circle on the product page) and their merchandise listed on the JTC Platform.
Why should customers buy from the JTC Platform?
Customers should buy from the JTC Platform primarily because by being online one can buy at any time, anyplace and with full, reliable and accurate product information including reading the reviews, product ratings and also comments of other shoppers.
Can you buy without seeing the gems and jewelry?
It is a known fact that lower priced items do not need so much thinking especially for items of a few hundred dollars given that the JTC Platform gives a 14 day return policy if not entirely satisfied.
Higher priced items of USD dollars 1000 and above will require further considerations and a store visit or the opinion of a gem expert is recommended.
The JTC Platform provides a very strict quality screening process for selected merchandise to ensure that the items pass inspections and meeting the exacting international standards required of each item.
Consumers are already buying and making the decisions based on the brand's reputation. High ticket branded luxury goods operate their business by delivering quality and fixed prices. Purchases are made based of the brand's popularity and reputation especially for those with a strong market presence and following of loyal fans and customers.
Of course, on site inspection is necessary for expensive and special items. Buying online provides you the ability to study each product thoroughly at your leisure.  You know that the Platform stands behind all its vendors to provide full disclosure of product information and at fair prices. In addition, customers are given a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee or 14 days return policy giving you an added assurance and a peace of mind.
What are the discounts, bonus gifts and lucky draw about?
The buyer is King. The buyer is encouraged to shop online and receive savings and benefits normally not afforded to the storefront shopper. The buyer receives a 5 percent discount on items listed by participating vendors indicated with a green circle on the top right hand corner of the product page.
The buyer is also give a gift for any purchase over baht 5000. 
The buyer's name is pooled into a bowl for a monthly lucky draw that may include fine dining, weekend resort or a precious piece of jewelry.
What is the idea behind the JTC Network Card?
The idea behind the JTC Network Card is about the aligning of the processes that gives all the stakeholders a fair distribution of benefits. This is achievable by being online and one is  able to track and trace the buy sell interactions that takes place and ensure that the processes are shortened, simplified and made efficient.
First the agent receives fees and commissions. The persons the agent introduces receives benefits. The vendors online sell 24/7 without overhead of a store front. The Platform creates infrastructure, regulates and collects a small fee for the services provided. Everybody wins!

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