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Fluorite Crystal From Burma, Blueish White

SKU: GWB2647 | 4984 Total Views

  US $30 
1 pcs
Discount Price   US $15

Classification   Fluorite

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Rough

Approx. Weight  126.33 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 30.10 x 44.70 x 19.50 mm

Origin  Burma

Owner's Description  

This fluorite specimen from the famous Dattaw mine in the Mogok valley has the loviest patches of pastel color. You won't be able to decide which way to display it, or maybe you'll want to hold it some of the time too!

Gemstone: Fluorite

Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:

Physical description:Fluorite belongs to the halide mineral family. It is a gem known for its wide range of colors and it is also fluorescent, in fact the term fluorescence got its name from this stone. Purple, blue, green and yellow are the most common colors of fluorite, whilst pink, red, white, black and brown are the least.

Symbolic description: Fluorite is a stone of spiritual wellbeing and wholeness. It has a soothing effect on the wearer.

Origin:The largest deposits of fluoride can be found in South Africa and China. It is also found in other regions such as Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Africa and Spain.

Purpose:Fluoritecan be used ornamentally as jewelry and also with furniture. It can be used in the production of certain types of glass and enamel.



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