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Ruby, Sapphire Identification, Grading and Trading Course

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Owner's Description  

This course provides students with a grounding in the assessment of color, clarity and cut for ruby and sapphire, emphasizing how such factors affect their values in an ever-changing marketplace.    The opportunity for extensive practice is provided through AIGS’s vast sample gemstone collection, which includes a wide-range of gem varieties and qualities.

Students will learn practical grading skills on how to assess color, clarity and cut for ruby and sapphire, emphasizing how such factors affect their values in an ever-changing marketplace.

This course teaches students the basics how to identify treated and untreated, enhancements commonly performed on rubies and sapphires.   

With AIGS’s large collection of ruby and sapphire, students will get hands-on experience with exposure to the many colors available with the gem variety as well as gain an understanding of the different qualities.

As part of the course, AIGS students have access to Chanthaburi gem market and the many brokers who sell a wide variety of gemstones.  They will develop and practice negotiating in real-life situations.   The Chanthaburi gem market is one of the most active in the world where weekends find buyers and sellers of gemstones converging on the town.   Traders come from all over the world on regular buying trips. With numerous faceting factories, it is an ideal place to have gemstones cut as well.

At this informal gem exchange, buyers can sit at a table and wait for brokers or dealers to bring goods for them to examine

A two-day one night Chanthaburi field trip is included within this course, during which students get the opportunity to see the town’s famous gemstone market, as well as visit cutting and enhancement facilities.

Schedule :

Theory and Practical Monday-Friday, 09.00-16.00 hour.

Chanthaburi Gems Market Fri - Sat, 07.30- 16.00 hour.

Session 1 : 30 Mar  - 4 Apr 2020

For more information please contact :

Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences 919/539 Silom Road, Jewelry Trade Center, 48 fl. Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel : 02-2674315-9  Line: @aigs
E-mail : registrar@aigsthailand.com


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