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HT Yellow Sapphire Cut

SKU: AGC0238 | 6811 Total Views

Gem Certificate

  US $500 
1 pcs
Classification   Natural Sapphire

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Oval

Approx. Weight  1.95 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 8.50 x 6.88 x 3.88 mm

Price per Unit US $ 256.41 per Carat

Depth Percentage 56.40%

Origin  Sri Lanka

LI 1

Indication of heating
Owner's Description  

Pleasant stone with medium yellow tone and attractive hue. Under 10X magnification a faint feather is observed otherwise very clean and well proportioned stone. There are abraded facet junctions due to "wear" so repolishing is recommended before purchase. Sri Lanka origin.

AIGS report No. GF18040438

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