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Rutile Star with Hematite in Quartz

SKU: CDA0503 | 340 Total Views

1 pcs
Classification   Quartz (all varieties)

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Cushion

Approx. Weight  20.36 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 18.95 x 16.50 x 6.74 mm

Origin  Brazil

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Owner's Description  

A handsome piece for ring or pendant golden rutile quartz cabochon. Slight curved flat top cab with excellent polish. Back side is exposed with unpolished rutile and hematite. The "star" is beautifule with a "hematite" eye and well formed short to medium golden rutile needles displayed in a 6 rayed radiating in a layered formation.

-My prices are firm and I will not accept a lower price. Please don't waste your time to make an offer on this item. Thank you. 老板的价格已经非常公道合理了,绝对童叟无欺的良心价格,一口价不接受议价! 非常感谢!


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