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Ruby Cut Unheat

SKU: CSG0053 | 1152 Total Views

1 pcs
Classification   Ruby

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Oval

Approx. Weight  2.21 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 9.13 x 6.14 x 4.23 mm

Depth Percentage 68.89%

Tonal Scale
100 90    80 70  60  50 40    30 20    10
Very Dark Dark Medium Light Very Light

Rose pink

Good Symmetry

Light - 35%

LI 1
Owner's Description  

Pure pinkish-red crystalline. Weighing 2.21 carats this cut ruby is a pleasure to behold. An AIGS Type B hue ruby with a touch of orange nearly approaching the color of a "padparadscha". Slightly longish in shape, the proportions and polish are very good. A small pavilion cavity is observed and a diagonal "hollow tube-like" inclusion identifies this piece unique as is your "fingerprint" to you. 


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