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Spinel Cut

SKU: CSG0056 | 116 Total Views

1 pcs
Classification   Spinel

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Oval

Approx. Weight  1.45 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 8.09 x 6.04 x 3.68 mm

Depth Percentage 60.93%

Owner's Description  

An elegant piece, well-cut, clean! This spinel shines and glows intensely as I admire it sitting next to my window. Remember that spinels look better in natural daylight and should be worn during the day. The ultraviolet content in the sunlight stimulates the fluorescence and you've got one hell of a "gleaming" stone buddy! Spinel remains one of the most under-rated gemstones and its value, in my humble opinion, should be rising several folds in the not distant future!


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