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Quartz Included Cabochon, 152.91carats

SKU: GAP0297 | 3778 Total Views

  US $115 
1 pcs
Classification   Rock Crystal Quartz, Quartz (all varieties)

Approx. Weight  152.91 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 30.30 x 20.70 x 20.10 mm

Origin  Mogok Stone Tract, Burma

Owner's Description  

That's a nice piece of quartz holding very interesting big hexagonal flat crystals and several small black ones along with liquids. The big flat one looks like mica but we are not sure... A nice looking piece.

Gemstone: Quartz
Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone: Rose Quartz is a good stone for those of the Zodiacal sign of Taurus.
Physical description: Quartz is a very common crystal that comes in many forms such as Agate and Jasper. Classifications are sometimes based on the colour of the quartz. For example, Purple quartz is called Amethyst. 
Symbolic description: Quartz is an important healing crystal. It is an excellent conduit for channeling and amplifying energy.
Origin: Quartz can be found in many places around the world.The Ouachita Mountain area in Arkansas is one of the best places to find a vast variety.
Purpose: Quartz can be used for many things, from technological devices to jewelry and furniture.



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