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Cut Green Diopside from Burma, 0.96 carats SKU: GW0962

Gem Certificate

  $ 35.00

 Quantity : 1 pcs

 Identification : Diopside

 Location : Bangkok

 Shape : Oval

 Approx. Weight : 0.96 cts

 Approx. Dimension(s) : 4.96 x 6.14 x 3.16 mm

 Cutting Style : Faceted

 Origin : Oak-saung-taung (Phayar-taung) mines Pein-pyit Zone Mogoke Myanmar

 Description :

Here is a very nice diopside from the Mogok stone tract in Burma. It has a deep green color with a tinge of yellow and is a mixed cut stone with its girdle outline slightly out of shape. Even so, this is a great stone and fine example of diopside from Burma.

Gemstone: Diopside

Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:_

Physical description: Diopside typically produces a dullish green but other colors can sometimes be detected such as in the manganese-rich variety that ranges from violet to light blue. Its form is crystalline and can be found as a black star diopside and chrome diopside.

Symbolic description: Diopside is a stone for creativity and logic. It sharpens the mind of the wearer and is also helpful for people who have gone through traumatic experiences.

Origin:Diopside can be found in Canada, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, as well as many other places around the world.

Purpose: Diopsideis commonly used for ceramics, as well as other purposes involved in the field of biomaterials.As jewelry it suits many seasons and occasions due to its rich hues.

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Myanmar (Burma) 

Burmese Gemstone 

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