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Hackmanite Cabochon素面紫方钠石一对(变色)

SKU: MCG0196 | 2199 Total Views

  US $50 
2 pcs
Classification   Hackmanite

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Approx. Weight  5.54 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 10.02 x 9.98 x 5.46 mm

Price per Unit US $ 6.32 per Carat

Owner's Description  

Hackmanite is a very special and rare variety of sodalite. This amazing mineral possesses the ability to change color when exposed to ultraviolet radiation (both UV from a UV lamp and UV from the direct sun). This phenomenon, known as tenebrescence, is a reversible photochroism. In other words, the color change is not permanent and can be repeated indefinitely. However if the stones is heated, its ability to change color is destroyed. Typical color changes for rare Burmese hackmanites specimens are from colorless, light pink, blue or purple to intense blue or deep purple. According to the quality - i.e. purity - of the hackmanite specimen, the color change is naked eye visible in few seconds, whereas the return of the initial color may take between hours and one week when stored in a complete dark area. The most sought after specimens are those with a color change from colorless or very light color to intense deep purple.



紫方钠石暴露在白光数小时到超过一天以上才能达到最大褪色的落差,而利用短波紫外线灯加深颜色只需要几分钟的时间。在黑暗中停留至少三星期后,光吸收反应颜色变化最大。紫方钠石可以在颜色褪化或加深时,留在黑暗中数天到数个月,这取决于原产地的材质。在大多数情况下,暴露于紫外线辐射下,材质变成粉红色到紫色/紫 罗兰色,而暴露在阳光下或人造白光源下时颜色会淡化。一般而言,加热至500℃以上会破坏紫方钠石的紫外线感光度,以致影响其变色状况。


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