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Phenakite Hambergite & Sapphire Crystal from Burma, 0.62 carats, colorless and purple color

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3 pcs
Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Rough Crystal

Approx. Weight  0.62 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 7.25 x 2.48 x 1.91 mm

Origin  Mogoke Myanmar

Owner's Description  

Gemstone: Sapphire

Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

Physical description:Sapphire belongs to the mineral species Corundum and can come in many colors, except red, which is reserved for rubies. It’s most popular color is blue but other colors range from violet, green, yellow, orange, pink to purple, these are called ‘Fancy Sapphires.’ Sapphires that display a combination of colors are called ‘parti-colored sapphires’ and stones that change color under different lighting are called color change sapphires. In its purest form, however, Corundum is colorless.


Symbolic description: Considered a celestial gem, Sapphires are known for promoting sincerity and truth. They represent insight andclairvoyance as well as heavenly grace.

Origin: Sapphires can be found in the Kashmir region near the India/ Pakistan border. Fancy sapphires can be found in East Africa and Madagascar and both blue and fancy sapphires can be found in such countries as Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia.

Purpose: Jewelry Makers fashion Sapphire into two forms, the male and female, those of a thick indigo color are considered masculine, whilst those of a light blue color are considered feminine. Of course anyone can choose to wear any type of sapphire jewelry they find appealing.


Gemstone: Phenakite

Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:

Physical description: Phenakite is a rare mineral consisting of beryllium orthosilicate. It is found in the form of isolated crystals that are sometimes colorless but can also display yellowish hues and sometimes pale reds.

Symbolic description: Phenakite stimulates intuition and guidance. It is a stone that aids inner growth and spirituality.

Origin: Phenakite is most commonly found in Russia, America and Norway.

Purpose: Can be mistaken for diamond so it can be worn at any occasion where one might wear diamonds.



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