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Mogok Ruby Cabochon

SKU: MYC0419 | 3650 Total Views

  US $280 
1 pcs
Classification   Ruby

Approx. Weight  35.90 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 27.50 x 20.10 x 7.00 mm

Origin  Ga Doat Taut , Mogok, Myanmar

Owner's Description  

In the opinion of this writer, this picturesque round flat bottom ruby cab weighing 115.85 carats and measuring 38x35.5x9 mm is nature's painting in abtract. The dabs and strokes leads on your imagination with shades of pink, red, grey, purple and spots of black. An uncommon piece, the stone displays a "soft sheen" near the surface just underneath a clean and bright polish. A definite collector's item and will do the owner proud. LA/July 31, 2009


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