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Fine Burma Cut Spinel 高品质尖晶

SKU: OCG0292 | 7140 Total Views

  US $930 
1 pcs
Classification   Spinel

Location  Bangkok, Thailand

Shape  Oval

Approx. Weight  2.15 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 8.26 x 7.49 x 5.40 mm

Price per Unit US $ 432.56 per Carat

Depth Percentage 72.10%

Color Orangy Pink

Cutting Style  Faceted

Origin  Myanmar

Owner's Description  

Almost like the color of a Rhodolite garnet, this purplish red Burma cut spinel weighs 2.15 carats. It is moderately included but still very much an "eye clean" stone. The crown is shallow and the stone has a deeper pavilion. The crystal quality is high resulting in a clean brilliancy. It has a good polish and good symmetry. A collector's gem noted for the unusual color not commonly observed.

LA/Dec 10,2015

สปิเนลสีหวาน ไฟดี จากประเทศพม่า ตำหนิสวยจากธรรมชาติ

非常接近红色石榴石的一颗尖晶石。 这颗紫红色的缅甸尖晶石重大2.15克拉。净度方面有中度的包裹体,但肉眼来说基本算是干净。冠部较浅,亭部较深。晶体的品质给予了这颗宝石很高的亮度和火彩。



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