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Faceted Burma Spinel 2.91 carats, Red Color 两克拉缅甸尖晶

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Gem Certificate

  US $1,160 
1 pcs
Classification   Spinel

Location  Bangkok, Thailand

Shape  Oval

Approx. Weight  2.91 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 11.03 x 7.20 x 4.24 mm

Price per Unit US $ 398.63 per Carat

Depth Percentage 58.89%

Color Orangy Red

Cutting Style  Faceted

Origin  Myanmar

Star Rating
Excellent Very good Good Good-Fair
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Owner's Description  

Gemstone: Spinel

Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:

Physical description:Spinel is usually found in shades of red, pink, orange, lavender, blue, purple, brown, grey and even black. Transparent red spinels were once considered rubies due to their matching brilliance but since the discovery that rubies are corundum, red spinels are now called spinel-rubies or balas-rubies.

Symbolic description: Spinels are thought to protect the wearer from harm and to sooth sadness. It is also a stone of wealth and prosperity.

Origin: Spinel comes from such countries as Burma, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The best quality spinels are found in Myanmar.

Purpose: As spinels come in many wonderful shades, they can be matched with many different types of attire.

สปิเนลสีแดงหวาน ทรงไข่ ไฟดี จากประเทศพม่า



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