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Super Fine Burma Star Ruby SKU: OG0041

Gem Certificate


 Quantity : 1 pcs

 Identification : Natural STAR RUBY

 Location : Bangkok, Thailand

 Shape : Round

 Approx. Weight : 3.06 cts

 Approx. Dimension(s) : 7.70 x 7.67 x 4.76 mm

 Depth Percentage : 61.94 %

 Color : Red

 Secondary Color : Purple

 Cutting Style : Oval

 Origin : Myanmar (Burma)

 Description :

A truly unique piece displaying a bronzy sheen with a purplish red body color. This color is a new and unseen before for Burma star rubies. The star is symmetric and with near perfect sharpness and spread. A kaleidescope of sparking needles can be observed under 10x magnification. The stone is purported to have been found at the Kyaut Pyat That mines ( west part of the Mogok gem mining region). The clarity is excellent - internally free of flaws and very clear! The stone has a high polish both in the face up position as well as on the back side. This one is a collector's item and will forever be appreciated for its beauty. LA July 31, 2009


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Star Ruby 


Natural Gemstones 

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Burmese Gemstone 

Myanmar (Burma) 

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