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"Deep Red Beauty" Cut Spinel SKU: OG0070

Gem Certificate

1 pcs
 Classification   Spinel

 Location  Bangkok, Thailand

 Shape  Oval

 Approx. Weight  2.10 Carats

 Approx. Dimensions 7.13 x 8.90 x 4.41 mm

 Cutting Style  Faceted

 Origin  Painpyit, Mogok ,Myanmar

 Culet Abraded

 Fluorescence Slight

A deep red beauty indeed! Tanned dark vivid pure red hue cut spinel from Mogok weighing 2.10 carats in an oval shape. The cut is lean and symmetric and near perfect shape. The clarity is clean and pristine with a beautiful feather "trail" of minute "star dust" like inclusions which only adds more to the already enticing appearance of the stone. This color hue is universally desired from the big US of A to way down about to Adelaide!With a very nice kick to the brilliance this gem is "dancing" and a pleasant joy to behold our attention! Rare! LA/June 9, 2007


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