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Rare Cat's Eye Green Moonstone from Burma, 3.42 carats,Dark Blackish Green Color SKU: SGA0524

  $ 300.00

 Quantity : 1 pcs

 Identification : Moonstone

 Location : Bangkok, Thailand

 Shape : Oval

 Approx. Weight : 3.42 cts

 Approx. Dimension(s) : 7.32 x 6.45 x 6.73 mm

 Cutting Style : Cabochon

 Origin : Myanmar

 Description :

Gemstone: Moonstone
Birthstone/ Zodiac Stone:Moonstone is a birthstone of June.
Physical description:Moonstone comes from two feldspar species, Orthoclase and Albite, which are layered within the stone. When light strikes these laters, it scatters in an effect called adularescence, which creates its moonlike appearance.
Symbolic description: Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and is an excellent stone to carry when travelling, especially on overnight journeys. 
Origin:Moonstone can be found in Armenia, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka and the USA.
Purpose: Moonstone is soft and elegant in appearance and can be worn with any attire. It has been known to adorn furnishings and ornaments.  


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