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Winner, Scapolite

SKU: VTT0004 | 5546 Total Views

1 pcs
Classification   Scapolite

Location  Bangkok Thailand

Shape  Fancy

Approx. Weight  68.08 Carats

Approx. Dimensions 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 mm

Depth Percentage 100.00%

Owner's Description  

Winner, Scapolite:

Cut by world master cutter "Mr.Victor Tuzlukov".

             They stood on the narrow path peering at each other: Man and the one, graceful and majestic, who is still called King of Beasts. Who of them would let the other one go?

            Go away, Man thought The time of your supremacy has passed. You want to say that you are stronger than me, but I have the power of mind. Your victory will turn out to be a defeat. You can kill me -  others will come, you won’t be able to cope with us.

            Something like a patronizing smile flickered in the golden eyes. Lion turned and went away. He was leaving unhurriedly with a proudly raised head. Leaving as a winner…

            Man continued his way but could not suppress annoyance. Everything seemed to be right: strength made way for more powerful strength. But where was a feeling of victory? And in his thoughts he was still faced with those yellow unwinking eyes and the answer was seen in them.

            You know everything yourself. Harnessing the great power of mind you can easily destroy your own home. And what will you be left with? With the VICTORY


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