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Japan "Faces of Perfection" Kunzite

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1 pcs
Classification   Kunzite

Approx. Weight  112.80 Carats

Owner's Description  

JAPAN - 'Faces of Perfection'
"Sakura finishes blossoming quite fast, and flight of arrow is swift. But the beauty of flower is immortal, as well as the power of flying arrow. Power and Beauty are two faces of the single Perfection…"

Spodumene (kunzite), 112.85 ct, 250 facets
Synthetic stone – Cubic Zirconica (CZ), 389.40 ct

(Photograph by Dmitry Stolyarevich)

In Japan, symbolism is worshiped in every aspect of life. The two main Japanese traditions - the respect of Power and the worship of Beauty represented as a Sakura flower provide the inspiration for this gem design. The blossoming Sakura flower is a symbol of beauty and transience of a human life.

The gem crown is represented in Asanoha – a traditional Japanese geometric pattern, composed of triangles, rhombuses, hexagons, and twelve-pointed stars; a visual metaphor for the multidimensional nature of life.


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