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Tibet "Reflection of the Great" Topaz

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Classification   Topaz

Approx. Weight  160.90 Carats

Owner's Description  

TIBET - 'Reflections of the Great'
“The Great Mandala is shining in the small gemstone. A small man is realizing the great teachings. The tiny may contain the Grand, being the beginning, the end and the evolution itself…”

Topaz, 160.94 ct, 722 facets
Synthetic stone – Cubic Zirconica (CZ), 512.99 ct

(Photograph by Dmitry Stolyarevich)

The Kalachakra Mandala is the depiction of the most important aspects of Tibetan Buddhism. This mandala has 722 Deities, represented with 722 facets, each corresponding to a Deity and an aspect of the Universe. "The way the light plays with the facets symbolises the complex interaction between the Universe and the human mind."

"For me, each religion is like a facet of some great gemstone, through which we can see the Truth inside." - Victor Tuzlukov.

A beautiful greenish-blue topaz was chosen as it has the colour of melted glacial water.


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