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Italy "Versatility of Genius" Smoky Quatz

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1 pcs
Classification   Quartz

Approx. Weight  143.10 Carats

Owner's Description  

ITALY- ‘Versatility of the Genius'

"When beauty of artistic images & precision of geometric drawings merge in the great Harmony, they reflect the multidimensional nature of the Genius."

Smokey Quartz, 143.10 ct, 329 facets
Synthetic stone – Cubic Zirconia (CZ), 387.15 ct

(Photograph by Dmitry Stolyarevich) 

Italy's contribution to the cultural and historical heritage of Europe and the world is immense. To capture the essence of Italy's heritage, 'Versatility of the Genius' was inspired by the 8-fold symmetry of a Renaissance cathedral design.
"It was very difficult and highly emotional for me to even reproduce the design on paper. When the stone was finished, I had so much emotional release, it was like feeling the spiritual energy of a Great Master." -Victor Tuzlukov.


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