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China "From the Emptiness" Citrine

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1 pcs
Classification   Citrine

Approx. Weight  186.40 Carats

Owner's Description  

CHINA - ‘From the Emptiness’

Ever-dozing Dragon of the Eternity reveals his dual essence from the great Emptiness, forming the Universe. Like a precious flower, the Single Life twinkles inside…   

Natural stone – quartz (citrine), 186.40 ct, 712 facets 

Synthetic stone –Cubic Zirconica (CZ), 283.02 ct  

(Photograph by Dmitry Stolyarevich) 

Chinese culture is characterised by the unity of opposites – black and white, female and male, matter and spirit. This duality is shown in the ancient symbol Yin-Yang, where two halves of a single whole, flow in unity and form an everlasting circle. This traditional symbol is faceted in the centre of the gem's crown. It consists of 60 facets reminiscent of the 60-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. These 60 sectors are also present on the pavilion. 

An ornament of quadrangles and hexagons surrounding the Yin-Yang symbol shows the awakening Dragon – the Universe. A deep orange Fire citrine was chosen to symbolise the creative energy and the year of the Fire Dragon, the beginning of the 60-year calendar cycle.


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