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Carnelian is a well-known variety of massive quartz (i.e. chalcedony), which has been colored reddish-orange to reddish-brown by the presence of iron oxide impurities within the crystal structure.

Named after the similarly-colored fruits of the cornel cherry tree, carnelian has been used within decorative items for over five thousand years and is one of several red gemstones that has historically been referred to under the catch-all term of “carbuncle” when in cabochon form. As molten wax does not stick to it, the Romans also commonly fashioned the material into cameo or intaglio forms for use within signet seal rings.

Carnelian’s name is sometimes used interchangeably with that of a closely-related brown variety of chalcedony known as sard, but can be differentiated visually by its lighter, more reddish hue and greater degree of translucency. In addition, sard tends to be the slightly harder and tougher of the two materials.

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Carnelian Cabochon
$ 22.00
1 pcs 14.75cts

Carnelian Cabochon
$ 26.00
1 pcs 17.80cts

Carnelian Cabochon
$ 25.00
1 pcs 17.35cts

Carnelian Cabochon
$ 16.00
1 pcs 10.80cts

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