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Opal is an amorphous silica mineraloid, which may also contain up to twenty percent water by weight. Material is usually sub-classified as either “common” or “precious”, with the latter displaying the play-of-color phenomenon with which the species is most associated. This effect is observed as a multi-colored iridescence that is seen to shift in form as the stone, viewer and/or light source is moved. As “hot” hues are less commonly encountered within these patterns than greens and blues, their presence will significantly increase a stone’s value.

While most precious opals are whitish, some rare and highly-valuable specimens from Lighting Ridge, New South Wales provide a darker background against which the above-described effect is especially prominent. However, the neighboring state of South Australia is responsible for around eighty percent of the world’s precious opal production as a whole, with recently-discovered deposits in northern Ethiopia providing much of the remainder.

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Ethiopian Opal Cabochon
$ 65.00
1 pcs 7.20cts

Ethiopian Opal Cabochon
$ 400.00
1 pcs 10.38cts

Ethiopian Opal Cabochon
$ 280.00
1 pcs 7.15cts

Black Opal
$ 148.00
1 pcs 25.77cts

Black Opal
$ 500.00
1 pcs 10.47cts

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